about Me

I believe connecting people together through sharing real-life stories and experiences can change the world... that's why I'm passionate about the world of communications.

We live in a world where ordinary messages are ignored. People are inspired by ideas and stories that connect to them in ways they have never thought of before. I am constantly searching for, perfecting and implementing new approaches to capture the attention of people through original photography, graphic design projects, storytelling, writing and social media efforts.

WHAT'S MY SECRET WEAPON? -- Graphic Design, Photography, and Filmmaking
I believe that engaging media is critical in our world today. My approach to print and digital design connects people's imagination with critical information and is the only way to stand out in the cluttered landscape of communications today. I excel at capturing and incorporating stunning photography into the design landscape of message and help connect the real vision of who my clients are with their audience. I have a passion to produce authentic storytelling coupled with memorable images and visual cues that connect and make an impact.

WHERE DO I EXCELL? -- Collaboration, Creativity and Leadership
Creating effective communication strategies cannot happen without the support of a motivated team. I seek out opportunities to work with others (both professionally and through volunteering) to accomplish big ideas.

I also love my family, my dogs, camping & nature.... and cold pizza.